International Student Resources

Solomon College is a designated learning institution and is able to accept International Students. International Students accepted into our programs are eligible to apply for a Canadian Study Permit.

For more information about programs available, application procedures, services provided to international students, or even some information about Edmonton, please see below.

Programs Available for Canadian Study Permit

You can explore the links of available programs to International Students below. You can also find application procedures on each program page. Alternatively, please contact us directly to learn how to register for programs.

English as a Second Language (ESL) – Funded by the Government of Alberta through the Alberta Works department, the ESL program is an intensive program designed to improve your English language skills. Our classes will prepare you for the pursuit of further education and the achievement of your employment goals.

Aviation Management & Pilot Training Program – The pursuit of flight is a dream common to many, but a career as a professional pilot seems like an impossible goal, beyond the reach of gravity-bound individuals. Despite this common perception, becoming a pilot is easier and more accessible than most believe!

Hospitality Management Diploma Program – International travel has increased exponentially, making hospitality one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.  This has created a global demand for well-trained, highly skilled hospitality professionals.

Application Procedure for International Students enrolling in Hospitality or Aviation Diplomas
  1. Complete the application form.
  2. Attach the following items with the completed application to Solomon College (SC)
    • Certified transcripts from all institutions attended in the past two school years
    • A copy of the most recent school report of the student’s current studies
    • A copy of passport pages showing the student’s personal information
    • CAD$200 application processing fee by bank wire, money order or bank draft (non-refundable)
    • Full tuition fee by bank wire, money order or bank draft (refundable)
  3. After receiving all of the above documents, SC will process the application and inform the student by mail of his/her admission status.
  4. To pay the fees by bank wire, the student should pay the full amount of fees to “Solomon College”: the School account # 00059 – 010 – 8107718 at Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce – Branch address: Commerce Place, 10102 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5J 1W5. The student has to fax the bank receipt to SC (if the tuition fee is paid by bank wire).
  5. After receiving the tuition fees, SC will issue the student an official “Letter of Acceptance” for him/her to apply for student visa.
  6. Please inquire to SC about guardianship if the student is under 18. (A service charge may be required.)
  7. If accommodation and/or airport pick-up services are required, the student must inform SC as soon as he/she knows the date and time of arrival.
International Student Services

Solomon College provides the following services for our International Students:

  • Airport Pickup
    • Students must provide advance notice if they request this service; there is a fee for airport pickup.
  • Opening Bank Accounts
    •  Students can ask the Academic Advisor for help in opening a bank account.
  • Visa and Immigration Consulting
    •  Students can ask the Academic Advisor to direct them to the appropriate sources of information for visa and immigration questions.
  • Student Activities
    •  Field Trips and similar activities are arranged periodically.
  • Computer Lab and Printing Services
    •  Available for student use
  • Medical Insurance
    •  Students will be directed to purchase appropriate medical insurance through private companies.

Funding Information

Student Loan funding is provided to eligible students enrolled in our Hospitality or Aviation Programs. Students must be Citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada who can demonstrate financial need. Please consult with the Academic Advisor on the application requirements and process.

Living in Edmonton

Edmonton is known as the City of Festivals.  It has the longest stretch of unbroken green space in a city in North America.  It is also known for its friendliness and small-town feeling. Find out more here.