ESL for Privately-Funded Students

The ESL Program aims to improve students’ English language skills by providing them with regular feedback and learning support. It is designed to help students achieve their study goals, and covers both academic and general communication skills.  The program is split into two classes: Speaking and Listening, and Reading and Writing. Classes cover topics such as: family, health, travel and the environment. In addition, teachers arrange field trips and guest speakers to supplement material when appropriate.

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Course Schedule:

Monday to Friday 9:00am to 1:00pm

Program Structure:

This program accepts new students at the beginning of each month. Students progress to a higher class level at the discretion of their instructors, who regularly assess students’ English-language skills according to Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLBs). Instructors provide students with regular report cards and hold review periods with students to discuss individual progress. The student advisor acts as a guide and resource for students and deals with issues such as start and end dates for individual students, students’ questions and concerns, and future study planning. The ESL program improves students’ English levels and readies them for post-secondary options. It also provides students with a much-needed network which is warm, friendly and supportive.

Admission Requirements & Language Proficiency Admission Policies:

CLB Level 4 or higher, which is equivalent to IETLS scores of 4.5 (Listening), 4.0 (Speaking), 3.5 (Reading), 4.0 (Writing).

The skills taught in this course are designed to fill the needs of our students, so course content often changes according to student progress. However, a textbook is assigned to each class and certain basic skills are always addressed. For example, in the reading and writing classes, students learn how to read from context, how to structure paragraphs, essays and business correspondence, and how to recognize spelling and grammar errors and correct them. In the speaking and listening classes, students make oral presentations, practice pronunciation and work on developing listening skills through interactive media. Group activities, partnered work, and individual and class time make up the structure of these classes. 


$1000.00 per month

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