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Hospitality Diploma

Program Overview

Take the first step to a career that is in global demand! Solomon College’s Hospitality Management Diploma Program has partnered with the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) to offer a worldwide recognized program that will prepare you for the fast-paced, exciting work in hospitality services.

This is a co-op program, which means students acquire relevant, hands-on job experience in addition to academic training.  Our partnership with hospitality employers is an effective way to train high quality employees while providing networking opportunities with employers in the field.  In less than two years, students become fully prepared to enter a profession that is challenging, rewarding and in high demand.

Applicant Eligibility

Applicants must be 18 years or older

Permanent Residents or Canadian Citizens

Program Description

The program consists of two components. The Academic Component requires students to complete nine courses in a classroom environment over 6 months, as well as a Business Communication course. The Practicum Component is a maximum one-year paid or unpaid work placement which requires students to complete job interviews with hotels before they are placed. Afterwards, students return for another 6 months of study. The total duration of the program is 24 months.

Completion of both components, Academic and Practicum, is required to obtain a diploma from Solomon College.  In order to successfully complete the program, students must achieve a minimum of 70% on all 12 final exams (one exam per course), a passing grade in Business Communications, and receive a positive performance review from your supervisor at the end of your practicum. Students will also receive a certificate of completion for the AHLEI coursework once they have completed the Academic portion.  Visa students will need to apply for a work permit to legally work in Canada before they begin the Practicum Component.

Course Listing:

  • Managing Front Office Operations
  • Managing Housekeeping Operations
  • Hospitality Facilities Management and Design
  • Managing Hospitality  Human Resources
  • Supervision in the  Hospitality Industry
  • Management Food and Beverage Operations
  • Hospitality Sales and Marketing
  • Spa: A Comprehensive Introduction
  • Leadership and Management in the Hospitality Industry
  • Hospitality Industry Financial Accounting
  • Security and Loss Prevention
  • The Academic Component also includes a Business Communications class specially designed to support students with improving their English Language skills.
  • All courses subject to change

Program Schedule 

One intake per year in September


Hospitality Management Diploma Program

Solomon College
10621-100 Avenue
Edmonton, AB, T5J 0B3


To Apply

Come to our office to apply for this program at Suite #228, 10621 – 100 Avenue.

For any enquiries about the program please call us at: (780) 431-1515 or through email:

Please note that all programs offered by Solomon College do not qualify for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP).

The Hospitality Diploma Program’s refund policy will be pursuant to The Private Vocational Training Act where:

Cooling off period

15 Notwithstanding anything in this Regulation, if a student terminates a student contract on or before the 4th business day after signing the contract, [Solomon College will] refund any tuition or other fee paid by or on behalf of the student.

Refund of registration fee – before training begins

16(1) If a student terminates a student contract before the vocational training begins, [Solomon College] is entitled to any registration fee paid by or on behalf of the student.

(2) [Solomon College will] refund any registration fee that has been paid by or on behalf of the student if

  1. [Solomon College] terminates a student contract before the vocational training begins, or
  2. the vocational training does not begin on the commencement date set in the student contract.

Refund of tuition – after training begins

17(1) If a student contract is terminated after the vocational training begins, [Solomon College] is entitled to the following amounts of tuition:

  1. when 10% or less of the vocational training has been provided, 25% of the tuition;
  2. when more than 10% but 50% or less of the vocational training has been provided, 60% of the tuition;
  3. when more than 50% of the vocational training has been provided, 100% of the tuition.

(2) If [Solomon College] has received a tuition fee in excess of the amount that [Solomon College] is entitled to under subsection (1), [Solomon College will] refund the excess amount.

(3) For the purpose of this section, vocational training provided by correspondence is provided as lessons are supplied, marked and returned to the student.

Percentage of training shall be determined by number of training days completed, commencing on the first day of the first academic semester and expressed as a percentage of the entire program duration.

Payment of all refunds shall be handled by Solomon College on behalf of both parties in accordance with the Private Vocational Training Act

21(1) Subject to subsection (2), a refund of a student’s tuition must be paid

  1. to the student, or
  2. in the case of a student who has an outstanding student loan in respect of the vocational training for which the refund is being provided, to the lender that made the student loan.


(2) If a licensee* receives payment of a student’s tuition from a government, agency or person other than the student, any refund of the student’s tuition must be paid to the government, agency or other person.

(3) If a licensee* is required to refund a registration fee or tuition, the refund must be paid not later than the earlier of the following: (a) 30 days from the day the student contract is terminated; (b) the time period specified in an order of the Director

*”Licensee” refers to Solomon College for the purpose of this document

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