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Food Service Supervisor Preparation Program

Program Overview

Interested in building a future career in one of Canada’s most in-demand occupations? Then let Solomon College help you develop the skills needed for an exciting opportunity in the Food Services industry? Solomon College’s Food Service Supervisor Preparation Program will equip you with the knowledge and skills to begin an exciting career path in Canada!

Our program is designed to help you

  1.  Acquire job skills for the food service industry
  2.  Understand skills needed for leadership
  3.  Develop strong workplace essential skills
  4.  Increase knowledge of Canadian workplace culture
  5.  Comprehend requirements for workplace safety

Solomon College’s Food Service Supervisor Preparation Program has highly qualified instructors in place to deliver engaging course content, and our connections with industry will give you direct workplace experience.

Applicant Eligibility

  1. Permanent Residents or Canadian Citizens residing in Edmonton Alberta
  2. Minimum CLB 5 in all skill areas
  3. Limited, interrupted or no prior employment
  4. High school completion

Program Description

Five Months In-Class Training

In-class training covers Food services, Leadership, Business communication, English language skills, Essential skills training, and workplace safety training.

One month work experience

Learn hands-on workplace skills with one of our employer partners!

1. Food services

This program will use components of the internationally recognized American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) curriculum. You will learn foundational knowledge of the lodging and food service industry and move on to understanding aspects of food and beverage operations.

2. Leadership

This program will help you develop leadership skills to be an effective decision maker, positively influence the workplace, and manage for continuous improvement processes.

3. Business communication

This program will help you to communicate effectively in the workplace.  It will strengthen your oral and written communication skills through practical activities.

4. English language skills training

This program will increase your vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills to prepare you to work in the food service industry.

5. Essential skills training

This program will help you build skills for the workplace:

  1.  Reading
  2.  Document Use
  3.  Numeracy
  4.  Writing
  5.  Oral Communication
  6.  Working with Others
  7.  Thinking
  8.  Digital Technology
  9.  Continuous Learning

6. Workplace safety training

This program will assist you in attaining industry recognized certificates in Food Safety, WHMIS, and ProServe

Program Schedule

September and March every year


Monday – Friday from 9:15 am – 2:45 pm


Solomon College

Suite 228, 10621-100 Avenue Edmonton, AB, T5J 0B3

To Apply

Students should bring the following documents to Solomon College to begin the application process:

  1. Permanent Resident/Citizenship ID
  2. One of the following documents indicating CLB 5 or higher in listening, speaking, reading, and writing
    • LINC Certificate of Completion
    • Original CLBPT Client Profile from LARCC
  3. Copy of High School Diploma or Post-Secondary Diploma/Degree

Applicant Funding Eligibility*

Students looking to apply for Government funding must be a Permanent Resident, Citizen or refugee (who has a Notice of Decision, study permit, and work permit), and demonstrates financial need. Students will also need the following additional information ready when applying for funding:

  • A verified My Alberta Digital ID (MADI) account
  • Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • Alberta student number (ASN)
  • Banking information

*Information about funding eligibility, tax forms, and other benefits can be found on the Foundational Learning Assistance website.

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