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Aviation Management & Pilot Training Diploma Program

Program Overview

The pursuit of flight is a dream common to many, but a career as a professional pilot can seem daunting. Despite this misconception, becoming a pilot is easier and more accessible than what most people believe.

Canada is one of the frontrunners in pilot training with a large aviation community including over “60,000 pilots flying 30,000 aircraft from 2,000 airports and aerodromes” (Canadian Owners & Pilots Association (COPA) 2016).

With a global pilot shortage emerging in the near future, this is the perfect time to start training towards the career of a lifetime. Make your dream come true with our 2-year Aviation Management & Pilot Training Diploma program.

Program Description

In collaboration with Alberta College of Aeronautics formerly known as Cooking Lake Aviation, Solomon College provides students with the necessary training to start a piloting career with both local and international aircraft operators. Students will receive one-on-one training with Transport Canada licenced Flight Instructors following a Transport Canada approved curriculum. Flight training will also utilize a modern fleet of Cessna C172SP Skyhawk & Piper PA-44 Seminole type aircrafts with advanced G1000 & G500 avionics systems.

Graduates of this 2-year program will gain 200 hours of flight experience and will receive:

  • Aviation Diploma Certificate
  • Transport Canada Private Pilot’s Licence
  • Transport Canada Commercial Pilot’s Licence
  • Group 1 Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) & Multi-Engine Endorsement

Adaptable with international airline operators, the program will focus on:

  • Glass Cockpit & Multi-Crew operations
  • Crew-Resource Management (CRM)
  • Safety Management Systems (SMS)
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Program Schedule


Academic Training Location


Flight Training Location

Cooking Lake Airport
70, 51401 Range Road 221
Sherwood Park, AB, T8E 1H1

Alberta College of Aeronautics formerly known as Cooking Lake Aviation

Apply at Alberta College of Aeronautics Today!

Address: 70, 51401 Range Road 221, Sherwood Park, AB, T8E 1H1

Phone: 780-922-2802


Year 1

  • AVIT 100 – Flight Training – PPL
  • AVIT 111 – Aviation Regulations and Procedures
  • AVIT 121 – Meteorology and Environmental Effects on Aircraft Operations
  • AVIT 131 – Aviation Navigation and Radio Aids
  • AVIT 141 – Human Factors and Pilot Decision Making
  • AVIT 151 – Aircraft and Flight Operations
  • BMAN 101 – Introduction to Business Communications
  • BMAN 111 – Introduction to Marketing
  • BMAN 121 – Introduction to Accounting and Finance
  • MATH 141 – Aviation Mathematics
  • PHYS 141 – Aviation Physics

Year 2

  • AVIT 200 – Flight Training – CPL
  • AVIT 201 – Flight Training – Multi
  • AVIT 202 – Flight Training – IFR
  • AVIT 211 – Airlaw and Human Factors for Commercial Operations
  • AVIT 221 – Advanced Meteorology & Navigation
  • AVIT 231 – Advanced Flight Theory, Instruments and Aircraft Systems
  • AVIT 241 – Multi Engine Aircraft and IFR Operations
  • AVIT 251 – Standard Operating Procedures, Crew Resource Management and Safety Management Systems
  • BMAN 241 – Airline Operations and Management

Tuition Allocation (Estimate)

Student Loans

Applicants to this program may apply for student loans with Alberta Student Aid.

Student loan limits are subject to change.

The Aviation Management & Pilot Training Diploma Program’s refund policy will be pursuant to The Private Vocational Training Act where: Cooling off period 15 Notwithstanding anything in this Regulation, if a student terminates a student contract on or before the 4th business day after signing the contract, [Solomon College will] refund any tuition or other fee paid by or on behalf of the student. Refund of registration fee – before training begins 16(1) If a student terminates a student contract before the vocational training begins, [Solomon College] is entitled to any registration fee paid by or on behalf of the student. (2) [Solomon College will] refund any registration fee that has been paid by or on behalf of the student if

  1. [Solomon College] terminates a student contract before the vocational training begins, or
  2. the vocational training does not begin on the commencement date set in the student contract.

Refund of tuition – after training begins 17(1) If a student contract is terminated after the vocational training begins, [Solomon College] is entitled to the following amounts of tuition:

  1. when 10% or less of the vocational training has been provided, 25% of the tuition;
  2. when more than 10% but 50% or less of the vocational training has been provided, 60% of the tuition;
  3. when more than 50% of the vocational training has been provided, 100% of the tuition.

(2) If [Solomon College] has received a tuition fee in excess of the amount that [Solomon College] is entitled to under subsection (1), [Solomon College will] refund the excess amount. (3) For the purpose of this section, vocational training provided by correspondence is provided as lessons are supplied, marked and returned to the student. Percentage of training shall be determined by number of training days completed, commencing on the first day of the first academic semester and expressed as a percentage of the entire program duration. Payment of all refunds shall be handled by Solomon College on behalf of both parties in accordance with the Private Vocational Training Act 21(1) Subject to subsection (2), a refund of a student’s tuition must be paid

  1. to the student, or
  2. in the case of a student who has an outstanding student loan in respect of the vocational training for which the refund is being provided, to the lender that made the student loan.

Section 22 AR 341/2003 PRIVATE VOCATIONAL TRAINING REGULATION 12 (2) If a licensee* receives payment of a student’s tuition from a government, agency or person other than the student, any refund of the student’s tuition must be paid to the government, agency or other person. (3) If a licensee* is required to refund a registration fee or tuition, the refund must be paid not later than the earlier of the following: (a) 30 days from the day the student contract is terminated; (b) the time period specified in an order of the Director *”Licensee” refers to Solomon College for the purpose of this document

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