Student Policies

Prior to classes starting, all students will attend a program orientation and given a student handbook with complete school policies. A few quick policy references are available here.


Full Program Costs are listed under ‘Fees’.

Students will need to purchase two textbooks, one for speaking and listening and one for reading and writing. In addition, students should come prepared with binders, notebooks, and pens. Various media and supplemental materials are used at the discretion of each instructor.

Academic Standing, Probation, and Appeals:

If students do not make satisfactory progress or do not follow the attendance policy, the instructor will bring it to the student’s attention.  If this issue continues, students will meet with an academic advisor to identify needs and assistance the school can offer.  Time will be made for the student to catch up on work.

First academic appeal should be made to the instructor after class time.  If this doesn’t work, students should apply to the Office. If students would like to appeal an academic grade or result, they must write, date, and sign a request and submit it to the Office.

Process:  The Instructor will review student work and give the student a response.  If the student does not agree with the response and appeals to the Office, another review process will take place.  In this case, all student academic records and samples of assignments may be consulted, the student may be consulted directly, the instructor will be consulted, and the Program Director will make a final decision.

Complaint and Resolution Process Procedures:

Complaints should first be directed to the instructor to attempt to resolve issue.  If this is not successful, complaints can then be taken to the School Office.  If there is still a problem, then consult the Program Director. The Program Director will investigate and provide a reply, no longer than 3 months from the date of submission. Concerns can be discussed without writing a formal complaint.  Formal complaints must be written, dated and signed.