Safety & Emergency Information

Emergency Procedures

In the event of an emergency that Police, Firefighting or Ambulance services please contact 911 immediately.

Police & Security

Solomon College strives to provide a safe space for students to study, violent or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated. Please contact front desk if you notice any suspicious behaviour.


In the event of a fire, please contact 911 and evacuate the building in an organized manner in accordance to the fire evacuation plan posted in each room. Do not use the elevator and take the stairs. The muster point is near the bus stop in front of the Subway restaurant.

There are six fire extinguishers located around the main office area, they are located at:

  • Main hall across from the Front Desk
  • Inside the Computer Lab
  • Across from Classroom 6
  • Beside Women's washroom
  • Beside Men's washroom
  • End south hallway by Fire Exit

Medical Emergency

Solomon College has a basic first aid kit available at the front desk. 911 should be contacted in the even of all medical emergency issues