Student Comments

“Before I started, I didn’t think I could learn more English. But I learned more English and improved a lot. My teacher is a good teacher, because she is very patient, and she is very caring about each student.” -K. Co


I had a great experience at Solomon College.  I was living in Saskatchewan and heard from a few friends who had reached their professional goals because of studying at Solomon College.  That’s why my husband and I moved here- to study at Solomon College.  I know of 4 or 5 people who were students of Solomon College that have in the past year passed their exams and were able to return to their professions.  Solomon College helped build my confidence and give me inspiration. The instructors helped me prepare for a successful job interview so I was able to return to work as an Educational Assistant.”

-Saadia S., studied ESL at Solomon College for one year


“Solomon College is great.  The staff and teachers are very kind and knowledgeable about the English language.  I learned to speak and write better English at Solomon College.”

– Sheong-Woo P., ESL Student