Why Solomon College?

  • Convenient and flexible course schedules, including summer school and short, intensive courses
  • Multicultural and welcoming environment for students
  • Caring, hard-working teachers who inspire students to achieve their highest personal and academic goals
  • Convenient downtown location with easy access to many facilities, e.g. 5 minutes by subway to the University of Alberta

Why Edmonton?

  • A multicultural community welcoming to international visitors
  • Clean and safe neighborhoods for home-stay or independent living
  • Efficient, safe and low-cost public transportation
  • Prestigious post-secondary educational institutions such as the University of Alberta, as well as numerous colleges and technical schools


Solomon College is conveniently located in downtown Edmonton, surrounded by prestigious colleges and universities. The school building provides rooms for over 150 students with air conditioned, bright and clean classrooms.

Besides a cafeteria within the school building, there are also restaurants and fast-food stores where students can choose to have their meals. We also offer a fully-equipped student lounge with vending machines, microwaves and a fridge. There is also a computer lab and library, and spacious study areas for student use.

Also within the vicinity of the school building are public transportation, drug stores, a post office, as well as low-cost student housing.