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Solomon College is a great school and the aviation program sets expectations sky high! I enjoy coming to class everyday, not just to see my friends but also learn something new and useful. Not to mention, I met the love of my life in here, and her name is “Flying”!

—– Tyson B. (Aviation Class)

Solomon Aviation Program has made my dream come to reality. The program is well organized. Especially those instructors make it a very amazing learning experience for us. I love coming to the class every day and excited to learn something new.

—– Hiba J. (Aviation Class)

The Aviation Program goes above and beyond standard. Instructors try to help students understand the concepts, laws, regulations and so forth. I experienced a lot of stress in the training, but still, Solomon provides an enjoyable place to learn, and it feels great flying with their affiliate partner Cooking Lake Aviation.

—– Reid Y. (Aviation Class)

My experience with Solomon College has been nothing short of excellent. I know that after my two years here, I will be equipped with the right skills to handle any situation that comes my way.

—– Cole B. (Aviation Class)

I joined Solomon College in 2018 to learn English. I learned a lot of vocabularies and English literatures too. My reading and writing skills have improved a lot because I have great teachers and helpful classmates to learn from. The class helps me step up in exploring my career pathway through enhancing my English. I highly recommend this college to any person out there seeking for gaining useful knowledge. This is a great start!

—– Gulnaz S. (ESL Class)


I have been studying ESL in Solomon college since Feb 2018. The ESL Program they launch is very good as they have a wonderful teaching team. Teachers are well experienced, who have helped me improve my English language skills a lot. Moreover, I appreciate the professionalism of the administrative staff who helped me during my time studying here. ESL at Solomon college is great option for new immigrants to improve their language skills and settle in Canada.

—– Hosh P. (ESL Class)


As a student spending almost 15 months in the ESL program at Solomon College, I am happy that I find myself improve a lot in English. Most of the teachers are really experienced, patient and helpful. Especially Krystal, our writing and reading teacher, who does pay attention to our mistakes, provide feedback and discuss with us for improvement. I hope we could get more feedback and interaction in our listening and speaking classes. Overall, I enjoy studying with my classmates and teachers in this program.

—– Ling G. (ESL Class)


Solomon College has truly become my extended family. From the warm and caring classmates to the smiles on the teachers faces, I have never ever attended a program like this before. I enjoyed learning every day and all the field trips that the College arranged for us. Many thanks to the people involved in this program at Solomon College.

—– Mariana V. (ESL Class)


Solomon college has its unique way of teaching English. The teachers have helped me improve my language as well as my learning skills. I found that the teachers show special teaching techniques that other traditional academic teachers do not usually do. Their teaching materials are up-to-date too. In-fact, they are doing a great job especially to immigrants.

—– Muhammad C. (ESL Class)


I started studying at Solomon College two years ago. I firstly joined the LINC program, which it helped students a lot, especially for new immigrants like me. My inspiring teacher, Danielle, was always with us when we needed her. Her friendliness made me feel comfortable without any stress to go to school. In the LINC program, we studied many things about immigration, taxes, human rights, etc. I promoted to ESL program after six months. I learned a little deeper about Canada. The program also prepared us for further education and career success. My first ESL teacher, Karen, who not only gave us many challenges, but also made the class fun and exciting. Teachers and classmates become parts of my family. Karen just like my second mother, who guided me how to deal with my difficulties. Until I get into the intermediate level of ESL, I find that teachers are more professional that they teach us IELTS preparatory courses. The “impromptu speech” enhanced my confidence in speaking English in front of the class. I also learned many presentation skills, such as the necessary of strong eye contact and natural speaking style. In the end, I would like to thank Solomon College for the treasures of knowledge and all friends I have met here. I will never forget my time here and the happiness that the College brought me. Thank you.

—– Nermeen A. (ESL Class)


The class was a lot of fun and I learned a lot about Canada. Every day I make use of what I learned at this school. I love my teacher because she works closely with the students. She gave me a lot of help and encouragement.

—– Madoka S. (ESL Class)

I recently enrolled in the Connections to Employment program and am very pleased with my experience. The classes are excellent and provide incredibly useful information for people who are new in Edmonton and seeking a job. The teachers are not only kind and patient, but also have a genuine interest in the success of each student. Their guidance has helped me create my resume and my English skills have improved. The program makes the learning process engaging and effective by speaking practice with classmates. I appreciate teacher Karen for her interesting presentations and teacher Mark for his clear explanations of the material. I am confident that the knowledge I have gained here will be of great benefit in my professional life. I would tell anyone looking for a good learning place to check out this program

—– Anastasiia C. (CTE class)

I recently joined the Connections to Employment program and I really like it,because I already see how useful it is for employees. They helped me with my self-confidence , communication skills, creating resume and cover letter skills. I am learning about interviewing and got a lot of useful life hucks. I would recommend joining thus course people who stuck in job searching and want find job as soon as possible. …

—– Kseniia B. (CTE class)

I recommend the Employment Connection program to all newcomers . This program provides everything you need for successful employment.

Our teachers Karen and Mark create a friendly atmosphere in the classroom, making you feel at ease and confident.

The information is presented in an accessible and interesting way, and in addition you will receive certificates of completion of training in safety, first aid, etc.

Thanks to Karen and Mark for their work.

—– Юлия В. (CTE class)

I joined the Solomon program after hearing it from a friend. And I think I was born again through Solomon. You can learn everything you need to find a job in Solomon. I got my resume, self-introduction form and required certificates here, and I got rid of my fear of interviews by practicing interviews. I gained the confidence that I lost while living in Canada for 10 years, and I tried a new job. And I start working at my new job.  I’m happy to let my friends in a similar situation know this place.

—– Jihye J. (CTE class)

I am grateful to be a student at Solomon College in the Connections to Employment program. This program helped me find a job within only two months. So I am happy.

—– Haneen T. (CTE class)

I recently completed the Connection to Employment program at Solomon College, and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. As a newcomer to Canada, this program provided me with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the Canadian job market. The instructors were knowledgeable and passionate about the training, and they created a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

Through the program, I gained valuable insights and practical skills that have helped me to secure employment in my field. I highly recommend the Connection to Employment program at Solomon College to anyone looking to improve their job prospects and succeed in the Canadian job market.

Overall, my experience at Solomon College has been fantastic, and I am grateful for the support and guidance I received throughout my studies. Thank you, Solomon College, for helping me to achieve my goals!

—– Veronika L. (CTE class)

I recently completed the Connection to Employment Program in Solomon College. I learned about Canadian work culture and obtained useful certificates that will help in my future career. The instructors are real professionals and did a lot for my work success. Thanks to the knowledge that I got and the support of the instructors, I got my first job in Canada. I would definitely recommend Solomon college for newcomers to Canada. This is the place that will improve their skills and give them the inspiration to find a job of their dreams. I am very happy to be the evidence that the dreams could come true!

—– Kateryna R. (CTE class)

I highly recommend taking courses at Solomon College. I am incredibly happy that I was able to get into the Connection to Employee program and in a short period of time gain an incredible amount of knowledge and features about the employment process in Canada. Our teachers have been incredibly supportive and inspiring throughout the course. They help us to create a great interview, to prepare for the interview, and to write the most eye-catching cover letter, but they also helped us get to know our rights in the workplace better. After 2 months since the beginning of the course, almost all of my classmates (including me) have found  their jobs in Canada, it’s incredible! I recommend Solomon College as a great start to a new life in Canada.

—– Nina P. (CTE class)

It’s a great place to improve your skills and learn new ones, as well as get the information you need to get a job and live in Canada. I’m currently studying the Connections to Employment program and it’s an incredible time. The Employment Counsellor at Solomon College and Teacher give a lot of information on how to prepare for interviews and help you prepare a great resume. In addition, as part of this program, I studied safety courses and received a safety certificates, which are important for getting a job. The friendly atmosphere in the classroom and the support motivates me to move on. During my studies, I have significantly improved my English language skills as we communicate only in English. And the main thing here is that I feel constant support from The Employment Counsellor at Solomon College and Teacher, who are ready to help if I have questions about employment, communication with potential employers, lack of motivation or confidence. Since starting this course, I have already received 5 job offers and this is a great merit of the college because it was here that I was given valuable advice and became more confident in my English and in my abilities. I am extremely grateful to the college for this opportunity to study here and gain such valuable knowledge

—– Тетяна А. (CTE class)

If you would like to work with Children and want become a professional Early Childhood Educator, I would deeply recommend going to Solomon College to take Early Learning Daycare Program. After you finish this program you can get the Early Childhood Educator (ECE) level one certificate, CPR, first aid, food safety and back safety certificates etc. It’s a great program and all the teachers and staff support you and help you achieve your goals. I just finished the program and easily found a job.

—–Wei L. (Childcare Worker Program)

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