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Our Staff

Ping Ping Lee
Board of Directors, Chairperson

Education: B.A. (English), B. Ed. (Adult Education), Diploma in Adult Education (ESL), M.A. (Comparative Literature)

Ping Ping has been in the ESL field for over 20 years. Ping Ping enjoys the multi-cultural environment of Solomon College. She values the sense of community in the school and the way everyone helps each other achieve their goals.

Ben Lau
General Manager

Education: B. Mgt. (Adv. Accounting)

Ben has been working for Solomon College since January 1999. He worked for Statistics Canada and the University of Alberta before he was employed by Solomon College. He likes dealing with numbers and computers.

Merle Bradley
High School Principal

Education: ThB, B.Sc., PPTC Certification

Upon completing his studies at University of Calgary, Merle taught Physical Sciences two years in central Alberta before moving to Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) for 3.5 years where he taught O, M and A Level Physics with Chemistry and Chemistry. Returning to Alberta, he began teaching Chemistry, Physics and Math in 1975, retiring from his full time employment in 1999 after 30 years in the classroom. That fall, he began teaching at Solomon College as a permanent part-time Chemistry and Physics high school teacher. Over the past 20 years, Merle has also taught ESL and Hotel Management when needed. Presently, he is the Physics and Math instructor in Solomon’s Aviation Program.

Wynne Bugatan

Education: B.S.Ed. English, M.Ed. TESL

Wynne earned his Bachelors in Secondary Education, majoring in English, and has completed his academic courses for his Masters in Language Education in the Philippines. He worked as an ESL and EAP instructor in a small English academy servicing international learners and then as a university instructor who taught Filipino and international students in ESL, EAP, Literature, and Professional Education courses. Upon moving to Canada, he completed his Masters in TESL at the University of Alberta. Wynne’s experience settling in Canada inspired him to help newcomers achieve their version of success in Canada through the LINC program.

Christina Chieza

Education: M.A., TESL Certification

Christina is passionate about  teaching and has been in the classroom for her whole career, spanning over 35 years. She has taught high school English in Zimbabwe, Scotland, and Australia. She also taught student teachers how to teach English at a teacher training college for a few years before leaving Zimbabwe to teach abroad. Christina arrived in Canada in 2019 and is currently enjoying her new EAL role at Solomon College.

Ann Chuang

Education: B.B.A., M.A.

Ann earned her Master of Arts (Second Language Acquisition) from Eastern Michigan University, graduating in 2002. Since then she has taught students from grades 7-12 at Chia Yang High School, where she served as an English teacher and Department Head for five years. She moved to Canada in 2007, and has taught or volunteered at ASSIST, NorQuest College, and Solomon College. In her free time, she likes spending time with her family, watching movies (mostly foreign ones) and enjoying the opportunities for exploration and culture that Edmonton has to offer.

Bill Jenkins

Education: B.Ed., TESL Certification

Bill has been working in adult education for over 30 years. He has worked with all levels of English language learning from beginners to foreign-trained professionals. In his career, he has developed several successful programs. One of his most interesting jobs was working as the community adult educator in a remote settlement in the far north (NWT). He finds it most rewarding when students come back and tell him that he has made a difference in their lives. In his free time, Bill spends time with his dog, keeps tropical fish and dabbles in stained glass.

Lawrence Lau
Aviation Program, Chairperson

Education & Designation: B. Com, Aviation Dip, ATPL, Class 1 Flight Instructor

Lawrence has been a licensed pilot since 2006 and graduated from the University of Alberta School of Business. Having worked in both Airline and Charter Flight operations and with over 10 years experience as a Flight Instructor, Lawrence is now also the Chief Flight Instructor of Cooking Lake Aviation.

Colette Matthews

Education: B.Sc., TEFL, TESL Certification Level II

Colette has recently joined Solomon College after teaching English to children in Vietnam for three years. She is happy to be back in Canada, and is enjoying the experience of teaching EAL to adult students. She enjoys the conversations with her students as well as learning many things from them. Colette’s previous careers were in Health Care, and although she misses some aspects of patient care, she finds teaching English to be extremely gratifying, and rewarding.

Pamela Ndumbi

Education: B.A., M.Ed.

Pamela Ndumbi is an educator passionate about working with adult newcomers. Her interest in adult education began while taking her undergraduate degree in English Language and Literature. Pam got to experience teaching formal and creative writing to senior citizen immigrants as part of her senior year project in one of her classes. Shortly afterwards, she applied to the TESL program at UofA in 2022, and she’s since completed her Masters in Education. When Pam is not preparing for lessons or teaching a class, she enjoys going for walks, playing music, reading, and creative writing!

Mark Spindler

Education: B.Ed. Spanish and ESL, TESL Certification, Graphic Design Diploma

Mark has taught English to newcomers in the LINC program for a little over two years and has volunteered teaching ESL for a few years. Mark has taught English for one year in Ecuador to a variety of age groups. While at the University of Alberta, he volunteered with SVCC

Karen Sauvé
Employment Counsellor

Education: B.A. Psychology

Karen graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and found herself drawn toward helping people find employment. In 2003, she started work as a Career and Employment Counsellor with at-risk youth. Since then, she has worked with many demographics helping people secure gainful and meaningful employment in Alberta. Karen considers herself a resume expert and is very familiar with how ATS (Applicant Tracking System) works. She believes that everyone deserves a good resume that they can be proud to share with employers.

Judy Stokland

Education: B.Ed., M.A. , TESL Certification

Prior to joining the staff at Solomon College, Judy spent 14 years in Asia working in international education. She also worked at an international school in Papua New Guinea for five years. Judy loves to learn and teach and she considers it her life-long journey.

Andrew Wang

Education B.A., M.A., M.Ed.

Andrew earned his BA in Linguistics and Literature, MA in TESL, and MEd in Curriculum Studies. He has worked as an ESL/EAL/EAP instructor for more than 15 years helping adult language learners for both communicative and academic purposes. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family.

Kathy Zhang

Education: B.A., M.A., TESOL Certification

Kathy has been teaching ESL and LINC classes in America, China and Canada for more than ten years. She enjoys working in multi-cultural environment with the students, and she is in helping the students integrate into the Canadian Society. She especially enjoys the diverse cultures around the world.

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